Most people who seek help getting sober will be those who cannot stop drinking on their own. Their first approach may well be to some type of health professional, directly to Alcoholics Anonymous or to a rehab or treatment facility.

It is important not to label anyone an alcoholic, people need the space and freedom to work out for themselves if they are an alcoholic or not, and what that means for their recovery.

The Road Ahead

AA has a saying – Is alcohol costing you more than money? – which is probably one of the most useful questions anyone who is trying to get sober can ask themselves.

People can easily get caught up in debating whether they are an alcoholic or not, with all the implications that go with it.

Often it’s a better idea to simply park that issue, and focus on the reality of someone’s life, and what is happening to them, both internally and externally.

If they can admit there is a problem, there is more chance of them seeking help, without getting too caught up over the question of what is or isn’t an alcoholic. An admission of a drinking problem is a much better place to start seeking help, and their understanding of alcoholism will come in time.

Another saying ‘ No one comes to AA because their life is going well ‘

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