12 Step Program

Spirituality and Religion in Recovery

There is much talk in Alcoholics Anonymous about spirituality and religion, and the mix between the two. There is a fairly simple reason for this. Many people who look to get sober have had bad […]


Pray As You Can Not As You Can’t

The phrase ‘pray as you can not as you cannot’ isn’t terribly well known to a lot of people, but to those who do know it and use it as a literal guide to prayer, […]

Emotional Sobriety

Why is Meditation So Difficult ?

There is a paradox about meditation, in that most types of meditation of themselves are fairly simple to do, but many people find meditation as a practice, or a process, fairly difficult. Sometimes people put […]

12 Step Program

What is the Alcoholics Anonymous Prayer?

Prayer and the nature of prayer and meditation have always been at the heart of the AA 12-step program, both in a formal and informal sense. Whilst there are many interpretations of what terms prayer […]