Big Book

Gods Will or My Will?


Many people in recovery struggle with the idea of God at all, and find it even more difficult to approach or deal with the issue of what is God’s will for them as a person.

AA’s 12 steps have at their heart an understanding that a life based on self-will run riot leads to a pretty disastrous conclusion and that seeking and doing God’s will is a much healthier and more life-saving approach about how to live your life.

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What is the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous?

soberThe organisation Alcoholics Anonymous takes its name from the book of the same name. Understanding the reason the book was written, how it is structured and what its real purpose is, is crucial to anyone looking to get and stay sober using the 12 step program outlined in the big book.

The book was published as a body of experience, so that anyone living anywhere in the world could get sober on their own, without having to have contact with the individuals alive at the time, living in two specific areas of the United States.

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