AA Sayings

What is a Dry Drunk?

Dry Drunk

The term dry drunk is used a lot in AA and in recovery generally. Some people find it helpful, other people find it a bit judgmental.

Whatever it may mean to people, its real value lies in its ability to generate a sense of the need to change, and what that change actually means.

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When Alcohol Stops Working ………..

One of the benefits of going to meetings while getting sober is that people hear stories that help them understand their own alcoholism, even if they don’t fully understand it at the time.

One of the most helpful times in people’s stories is the moment when they start talking about how alcohol stopped working for them.

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Alcoholics Anonymous Sayings


People in recovery tend to talk a lot – at meetings, on the phone, on zoom and face to face. Sometimes this can all be a bit irritating, but most of the time the things people talk about have real value in recovery.

Out of all the conversations, have developed a number of what are known as AA Sayings. These are normally remarks or comments that an individual will say in the context of AA, but which people generally resonate with at quite a significant level.

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