Gods Will or My Will?


Many people in recovery struggle with the idea of God at all, and find it even more difficult to approach or deal with the issue of what is God’s will for them as a person.

AA’s 12 steps have at their heart an understanding that a life based on self-will run riot leads to a pretty disastrous conclusion and that seeking and doing God’s will is a much healthier and more life-saving approach about how to live your life.

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The Need to Question Gratitude

Quite often in an AA meeting or similar, you will hear someone announce themselves as my name is so-and-so and I’m a grateful alcoholic/ addict, or I’m a grateful recovering alcoholic/addict.

Equally, you are quite likely to hear someone say at a meeting something along the lines of a grateful alcoholic will never drink.

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Willing To Go To Any Lengths……

Anyone familiar with this phrase will recognise it from the early part of chapter five of the book Alcoholics Anonymous, which sets out the 12-step program which is the cornerstone of AA’s recovery process.

As with many things in life, context is crucial.

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Alcoholics Anonymous Sayings


People in recovery tend to talk a lot – at meetings, on the phone, on zoom and face to face. Sometimes this can all be a bit irritating, but most of the time the things people talk about have real value in recovery.

Out of all the conversations, have developed a number of what are known as AA Sayings. These are normally remarks or comments that an individual will say in the context of AA, but which people generally resonate with at quite a significant level.

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Are there any Alcoholics Anonymous Audio Books?

soberAudio recordings and audio books of Alcoholics Anonymous conventions, speaker talks and AA literature have been around for a considerable time, and have grown significantly in the age of the internet. There are numerous ways to access these recordings that are both playable online, and often downloadable as podcasts.

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