AA Meetings

What is a Dry Drunk?

Dry Drunk

The term dry drunk is used a lot in AA and in recovery generally. Some people find it helpful, other people find it a bit judgmental.

Whatever it may mean to people, its real value lies in its ability to generate a sense of the need to change, and what that change actually means.

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When Alcohol Stops Working ………..

One of the benefits of going to meetings while getting sober is that people hear stories that help them understand their own alcoholism, even if they don’t fully understand it at the time.

One of the most helpful times in people’s stories is the moment when they start talking about how alcohol stopped working for them.

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What are Alcoholics Anonymous chips?

soberThe chips that are referred to in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are in fact coin sized medallions that some people like to have as a time marker of their sobriety.

People in alcoholics anonymous are often very conscious of the amount of time that they had been sober, and use certain periods of time as pointers to the stability of their own recovery.

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Are there any Gay Meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous?

Gay AAMany men and women who identify as LGBT have an acute sense of feeling judged by society, and whilst that judgement does not necessarily carry over into AA, although it can at times, the structure of AA gives them the freedom to set up meetings they feel safe with, and as importantly, in control of.

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Local AA Meetings

soberFinding an AA meeting close to where someone lives or works is a fairly crucial part of most people’s recovery, and thankfully most meetings are relatively easy to find.

The easiest way for people to find a local meeting is simply to put in the name of the area plus AA meeting into Google or some other search engine, and several links will appear giving details of where the nearest local meetings are.

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