Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book

What Does Rigorous Honesty Really Mean ?

The term rigorous honesty is used a lot in Alcoholics Anonymous, and in the 12-step recovery world generally.

Its original intent was to make clear the need for people to own and take responsibility for the reality of their lives, both internally and externally.

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Are there any Alcoholics Anonymous Audio Books?

soberAudio recordings and audio books of Alcoholics Anonymous conventions, speaker talks and AA literature have been around for a considerable time, and have grown significantly in the age of the internet. There are numerous ways to access these recordings that are both playable online, and often downloadable as podcasts.

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What is the 4th edition of the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous?

soberThe book Alcoholics Anonymous, commonly referred to as the big book of AA, was first published in 1939. It established the organisation of AA by the same name, and as AA grew in size, the book became the mainstay of the organisation.

Since then, three other editions have been published, with a 4th edition being published in 2001

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Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous, often referred to as AA, is probably the best-known model of recovery for helping people who have a problem with alcohol.

As an organisation, it has been around since the early to mid-1930s, originating in the United States but quickly growing and spreading across the world.

Whilst most people have probably heard about AA, most of its inner workings and language are really only understood by those who are members of it, and attend AA meetings.

The anonymity aspect of AA it is often confused with a degree of secrecy that people who have a drink problem often develop as part of their life.

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