When Alcohol Stops Working ………..

One of the benefits of going to meetings while getting sober is that people hear stories that help them understand their own alcoholism, even if they don’t fully understand it at the time.

One of the most helpful times in people’s stories is the moment when they start talking about how alcohol stopped working for them.

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Al-Anon is perhaps the 12 step fellowship most closely associated with Alcoholics Anonymous.

In the early days of AA virtually all members were men, and their wives would go with them to meetings and normally sit in the kitchen and chat to each other.

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Rehabs and Treatment Centers

Many people who get sober do so in a rehab or treatment center. Many people are familiar with the idea of a rehab, but perhaps less clear about what happens there.

Most rehabs are residential, and most people stay there for an average of 28 days. Some rehabs are non-residential, and a wide variety of different treatment options are sometimes available.

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What is an Inner Voice?

When people talk about an inner voice in the context of spirituality, they are normally referring to an inner intuitive sense of direction in their life.

This sense of there being an inner world, and it somehow helping to direct our lives is for most people a hugely attractive idea, and often becomes the centre of their reality.

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Acceptance and Surrender

It has become almost something of a cliche in society nowadays to use the adage that you cannot cope with a problem unless you first admit it.

Not that this is a new or novel idea, but it is probably true that this sentiment has become much more powerful and widespread owing to the nature of the growth of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12-step recovery movement generally.

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