12 Step Program

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous was one of the early fellowships to emerge, after AA, and was aimed at people who had  a problem with any type of narcotic or drug, legal or illegal, prescribed or non-prescribed. People […]

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12 Step Program

12 Step Programs

This can be a slightly confusing term for some people. It originates from the organisation Alcoholics Anonymous, which developed a recovery program based around 12 specific steps, which are really statements of experience of what […]


Resources – 12 Step Groups

AA  – Alcoholics Anonymous Al-Anon Family Groups NA – Narcotics Anonymous OA – Overeaters Anonymous DA – Debtors Anonymous      


NA Resources

NA Meeting Finder NA – World Services   – Mainly North America but contains links to most other countries as well NA – UK   –  UK and rest of world meetings as well